Hocking Winter

by Truth in Advertising

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released December 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Truth in Advertising Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Winter Song
Includes the words "please," "blow," "you," "like" "it."
Track Name: Six Feet of Snow (MTSU Mix)
Get up out of bed one day and prevent future tooth decay
With Aqua-Velva pink toothpaste and start your daily fall from grace
With Jesus laughing in your face you go downtown to buy some paste
To build yourself a model plane to fly to some exotic place
Where you can dance the whole night long

The leaders won’t lead and the people are frightened to go
So take all your stuff and bury it in six feet of snow
Take a bandana and cover your eyes,
Then you’ll be able to see what the others can’t find.

Lately I have heard it said there’s too much hate lying in your bed
So I took it all and threw it out and now my love is strewn about
Ideas are lying all around like a cashed-in, dragged-out, washed-up clown
Or a pair of my old stone washed jeans with holes cut right into the knees
From where I begged you for my life

I still dream of you and I really don’t want you to know
I took all your memories and buried them in six feet of snow
I can’t explain why you’re still on my mind
You’d think I’d be tuning you out after all of this time

You couldn’t understand me then and I doubt that’s changed at all my friend
I know my mind goes off a lot through a field of pink forget-me-nots
Where golden birds careen and swoop and nobody there wants me to shoot
Them down in flames or tell a lie to make me wish that I could die
Your hair was prettier back then

Making love takes two to love making love don’t-cha know
But you hid it from me deep down under six feet of snow.
I raced up and down going out of my mind,
But I don’t think these wounds will heal with the passage of time.

I wish I could pack up my tent, shut down and go home,
Take all this crap and bury it in six feet of snow.
But it’s all the same when you’re going alone
So I’ll just stay here and wait for somebody to show.
Track Name: Stuck in a Blizzard While the Sounds of Winter Slowly Drive Me Insane
No lyrics.

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